When Your GP System Isn’t Working

We have all been there.  The best plans – the PERT charts and milestone management, budgets and timelines are approved.  The accounting people, payroll, HR, marketing, CRM and strategy groups are all clamoring for reports and results.  Invoices are backed up affecting cash flow projections. Year end is looming and everyone is losing it.

We have heard it all and seen it all.  Maybe too many people tinkering with the system or a customer service person tried to be a programmer.  It doesn’t matter how this happened – it matters that we get a fix and get it quickly so everyone and everything can get into a normal working system.  Dynamics DP is designed to do alot and do it well and is a powerful platform.

Troubleshooting, diagnosis and fixes for the long term are what is needed before it becomes too much and people start to use uncoordinated spreadsheets, handwritten notes and manual check runs.  (Cheque runs for my Canadian clients).

We don’t mind the mess and can assist you in finding the trouble spots and fixing efficiently and effectively.

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