When Your GP System Isn’t Working

We have all been there.  The best plans – the PERT charts and milestone management, budgets and timelines are approved.  The accounting people, payroll, HR, marketing, CRM and strategy groups are all clamoring for reports and results.  Invoices are backed up affecting cash flow projections. Year end is looming and everyone is losing it.

We have heard it all and seen it all.  Maybe too many people tinkering with the system or a customer service person tried to be a programmer.  It doesn’t matter how this happened – it matters that we get a fix and get it quickly so everyone and everything can get into a normal working system.  Dynamics DP is designed to do alot and do it well and is a powerful platform.

Troubleshooting, diagnosis and fixes for the long term are what is needed before it becomes too much and people start to use uncoordinated spreadsheets, handwritten notes and manual check runs.  (Cheque runs for my Canadian clients).

We don’t mind the mess and can assist you in finding the trouble spots and fixing efficiently and effectively.

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Dynamics GP vs. QuickBooks

GP: A Better Alternative to Quickbooks

With over 3.5 million users, QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting systems on the market.

Quickbooks offers good value for the money and an assortment of basic accounting features to meet the needs of many small businesses and startups. Unfortunately, while QuickBooks may be a good entry-level solution, it has significant limitations that prevent it from meeting the needs of growing businesses. Some of the challenges we have heard about include the need for separate payroll system, reporting is awkward, inability to predict labor costs and lack of modules for industries such as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing.

7 Signs That Your Business May Be Outgrowing QuickBooks

The qualities that make QuickBooks a good entry-level accounting solution are the same ones that make it inadequate to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Here are several indicators that your organization may be outgrowing QuickBooks:

  1. Limited reporting capabilities aren’t giving you the visibility and insight you need to run your business.
  2.  Multiple departments or lines of business are preventing you from centralizing and integrating your data.
  3.  You find yourself unable to confidently and consistently comply with regulations for monitoring and securing your financial data.
  4.  You experience frustrating and unacceptable delays in menus, reports, or navigation.
  5.  You have had to sacrifice transaction history or master records to improve system performance.
  6.  More users need to access the system than are currently allowed.
  7.  You are concerned about the lack of security and compliance features.

Invoice Preview Feature New

Invoice Preview Feature New

The success of any business is dependent upon its people, and their success is dependent upon the tools they are given. Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) is more than just accounting software – it is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. By bringing together applications, data, documents and devices, it enables businesses to gain greater control over finances, manage resources, and gives you the vital information you need to make critical business decisions. Your employees will beneft from a comprehensive set of tools that will help them increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve cash flow.

[stm_info_box image=”1303″]One of the new features delivered in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics SL is an invoice preview in Accounts Receivable. The invoice preview functionality in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 makes it easier to view your invoice before you even send it out. When’s the best time to make an edit to something? While your batch is still open. This feature makes it easier to view and make changes to invoices before they are processed and sent.

This feature enables you to open and preview one invoice at a time. But Microsoft also added a related new feature, the AR Invoice Preview, that makes it easy for you to view multiple items at one time. The AR Preview screen is like a Quick Query screen and an invoice preview screen merged together on one screen.[/stm_info_box]

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